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1 - 5年级

Supporting young girls at every stage of their development

1-5年级, a strong emphasis is placed on fostering the foundational knowledge, curiosity and skills needed to become an excellent learner. Caring teachers work together to ensure that each girl builds on her understanding, and to help guide her growth as she moves through each grade. 

Grade 1 students are welcomed into the bright building and caring community that will be their home away from home. Every aspect of our programs and facilities is created with the whole child in mind, from the thoughtful introduction of technology in the classroom to progressively competitive athletic opportunities. 

随着女孩的成长, the enriched curriculum offers increasing opportunities for students to make connections between what they’re learning in class and the real world. Project-based learning, 客人的游客, regular field trips, age-appropriate service learning and Outdoor Education trips ignite curiosity and a passion for learning. Crofton House 初中 girls are deeply engaged students who are ready for the exciting challenges that lie ahead. 

“I like being in the atrium. 每一个组装, I remember what Mrs Hutchison has told us before and when I am there alone, I feel 一切 that makes Crofton House really Crofton House - the courage, 创造力, 公民身份, 一切!”

凡妮莎的26 | CHS学生 



While applications are accepted for all grades, our primary 初中 intake years are Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and Grade 6 了解更多


Our signature program, 艾薇指南针, fosters personal growth, leadership and engaged 公民身份 through real-life experiences inside and outside of the classroom 

Parent involvement

Regular parent/teacher communication, volunteer opportunities, 咖啡的早晨, parent evenings and other events


Small classes led by caring teachers and specialists in art, 设计, 戏剧, 音乐, physical education and French

Enriching learning

  • BC-curriculum-based arts and 音乐 programs are enhanced with co-curricular activities, including primary and intermediate choir
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Range of clubs and activities available, from cooking to debate, cross-country to basketball


  • Learning resource support available to all students
  • In 1 - 5年级, iPad tablets support learning
  • 技术 is intentionally introduced with digital literacy and the impact of screen time on young children in mind


Starting in Grade 3, girls go on annual outdoor education trips to challenge themselves, connect with nature, and learn about sustainability and environmental stewardship


  • Daily physical education and unstructured outdoor 玩time
  • Daily nutritious, hot lunch provided to all students through our 社区餐饮 Program


  • 8:20 am–3:20 pm (Grade 1–7), with supervision from 7:50 am to 3:50 pm
  • Extended Care Program (7:30 am–8:00 am and 3:30 pm–5:30 pm) supports working parents who need an early drop-off or late pickup for their daughter