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Each day at CHS is a flurry of activities – from classes and special speakers to sports, drama performances and clubs – it’s hard to pack it all in! While there isn’t “typical CHS day”, these images tell the story of a day at Crofton House, revealing a school in constant motion. 

6:45 am

Grade 11 girls depart for a week of Outdoor Education at Cheakamus Centre in Squamish, BC.

7:00 am

The day starts with an early morning cross-country practice for this group of 初中 students. 

7:15 am

高级学校 girls begin their day at orchestra practice before class.

7:45 am

Teachers get coffee and students order breakfast at the Grab-and-Go, fuelling up for the day ahead. 

8:00 am

高级学校 students continue to arrive on campus, bringing the School to life. 

8:05 am

The arriving 初中 families bring even more energy to the campus.

8:10 am

父母 of kindergarten students join in activities until the morning bell goes, as part of the Early Childhood Education Centre’s ‘soft start’. 

8:15 am

高级学校 girls prepare to head to their first class of the day. 

8:20 am

As classes begin in the 高级学校, this group gathers around a Harkness table and prepares for a lively discussion about 《全球十大外围足球平台》 during an English class. 

8:30 am

学生 in Grades 1–7 start this school day in their weekly assembly.  

9:00 am

Girls enjoy class in the dedicated 初中 Music Room.

9:45 am

高级学校 students meet in Advisory three mornings a week. This small group of girls, and their Advisory teacher, stay together from Grade 8 to 12, providing familiarity and support. 

10:00 am

初中 girls head into the Mini Woods – everyone’s favourite place on campus – to play at break.   

10:40 am

After break, Grade 6 girls work together to figure out a solution in science class.

10:30 am

高级学校 students are hard at work in the science lab. 

11:40 am

高级学校 girls fill their plates before sitting down with friends and teachers in Manrell Hall as part of the 社区餐饮 Program. 

12:00 pm

Kindergarten girls enjoy lunch in their Early Childhood Education Centre classrooms. 

12:15 pm

Teachers and students enjoying eating together in Manrell Hall during 初中 lunchtime. 

12:35 pm

高级学校 students head back to class after lunch break. 

1:00 pm

Kindergarten girls enjoying time playing outside after they have finished eating. 

1:10 pm

Back in class, a teacher and 高级学校 students share a laugh during English. 

1:30 pm

初中 students start to collaborate on a design project in the Makerspace. 

2:00 pm

Grade 8 students participate in a blanket exercise representing the thousands of Indigenous children across Canada who were unwillingly taken from their homes and families and placed in residential schools.  

2:00 pm

Grade 7 students work together in class. 

3:00 pm

A teacher moves a 高级学校 class outside, taking advantage of an outdoor space on campus to extend the classroom.

3:00 pm

学生 participate in a writing session led by Writer-in-Residence Linda Sue Park. 

3:30 pm

Two students catch up in the 高级学校 library after school. 

3:30 pm

初中 volleyball players practise in Chan Hall, the 初中 gym. 

3:30 pm

学生 participate in Clay Creations, a popular 初中 after-school club, in the Art Studio.

3:45 pm

Girls rehearse for an upcoming Grade 8–9 production in the Drama Studio.  

4:00 pm

The senior field hockey team plays on Kent Field.

4:30 pm

父母 socialize as they create crafts to be sold in the Makers’ Market at the Winter Bazaar, raising funds for local charity. 

7:00 pm

This day at Crofton House ends with parents on campus for a presentation about complex issues and opportunities facing growing girls.

“I have discovered an authentic curiosity within me, and I really think about how things impact people.”

劳伦20 b| CHS学生